Welcome to the Economic Development and Skills Training website!

Welcome to the Economic Development and Skills Training website. We aim to widen participation in learning, increase attainment, improve standards and help you meet the skills challenge, whether you are a brand new skill seeker or an executive looking to get ahead.

We have created opportunities for synergy between the various partners across the whole age spectrum of learning. We have links to representatives from the local authority, the local Learning and Skills Council (LSC), schools, Further Education (FE), Higher Education (HE) institutions, training providers, careers services and employers, as well as other voluntary and community organisations. Our recommended training providers are well placed to identify local learner, community and employer needs, and respond to them.
We also have connections with local learning action groups to add value to the crosscutting nature of activity. Working together and pooling resources can achieve much more than would otherwise have been possible when working in isolation.

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We hope to accurately reflects the needs of the local learner, current provision and gaps. We continue to develop a more co-ordinated focus with our learning partners, collaborating on all manner of training issues. Let us know if you would like skills training advice.

We can show you out how coaching can support you in your personal development and help you to achieve excellence in whatever aspects of your life you desire. With tuition you can achieve remarkable results in a very short amount of time. Changes that you want to make in your life can be created in an instant! Change is easy, quick and fun when you use 'what works' for you.

Jobs Growth Wales aims to get young people into work and is a flagship policy in our commitment to boosting economic growth

Cruise But Don't Surf (PDF) - 515k - How well are websites designed for the over 50s? - We looked at the cruise industry and were shocked by the results.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (PDF) - 1.2mb - A brief review of Government website from the perspective of a 50+ user.

Making the Web 50+ Friendly (PDF) - 414k - The over 50s are the fastest growing group of web users, but website are invariably designed by the young for the young. Result - frustration. Ander - make your site 50+ friendly.

iRating parameters now largely conform to the requirements of the rules for banks' internal rating systems set out in the BASEL II document. In addition to the ratings of small and medium-sized companies, a quantification of the probability for bankruptcy will now also be available

With close to 150 years' total business experience, the company's management team aims to help you develop and progress your Company to its ultimate potential. We also use a network of experienced and trusted Associates to supplement our team as needed.

We provide practical help for you to get the best from the resources you control whether staff, budgets or materials you manage. Our aim is to help you maximise the opportunities for business and human performance growth.

Your situation has opportunities you feel could be exploited better. There are things that can be done to improve profits - if only you had the time; if only you had the right help.

Welcome to the Economic Development and Skills Training website. We can help you locate providers of a wide range of effective learning courses for individuals and businesses, using our network of training partners and the internet.

Our recommended courses are located in, and run by, further education colleges, libraries, private training providers and community-led projects.

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Learners can attend a local centre or, if they prefer, take a virtual learning course via the Internet from their home or place of work.  
 Thank you for visiting the website. We hope you find the information you are looking for. If you need any additional help, or would like to give us some feedback, please let us know. We are always happy to discuss skills training and development.