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Private Tuition is a wonderful solution for anyone seeking that extra advantage when learning new skills. One to one attention from a tutor makes all the difference.

This Economic Development Framework seeks to build on the initial “Creating Communities of the Future” concept by re-iterates the key drivers of change and putting in place a detailed set of actions in order to implement the strategy. 

Check out Solar Panel Installation case studies.

The plan also incorporates actions that the SHR believe to be essential to tackle local developmental challenges.

Marketing Means Business (PDF) - This sector is of increasing importance to marketers, but despite extensive press coverage is surprisingly unexploited. What do we mean by the 'Grey Market'? Is it important? Why is it largely important? Do you understand it?

A successful project for the automated evaluation of the economy of small and medium-sized companies, municipalities, housing cooperatives and condominium associations will be launched today with the introduction of a new software application called Internet Rating CCB (or "iRating").

In February, Russia's National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH) became the first nationwide credit bureau with an international operator to be licensed for operation by Russia's Federal Service for Financial Markets, the government organization that is tasked with registering and regulating credit history bureaus.

Our hands will be there when you want them and not a moment longer. Not only will our hands be there; we're your complete Business Mentors - and just a call away.

Contact us for an entirely free no-obligation meeting to discuss and analyse the solutions to new challenges.

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Welcome to the Economic Development and Skills Training website. We can help you locate providers of a wide range of effective learning courses for individuals and businesses, using our network of training partners and the internet.

Our recommended courses are located in, and run by, further education colleges, libraries, private training providers and community-led projects.

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Learners can attend a local centre or, if they prefer, take a virtual learning course via the Internet from their home or place of work.  
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